Garden of the Gods Tour: Self-Guided

A self-guided Garden of the Gods tour with all of the essentials. The entire tour can be completed in 4-6 hours and combines the perfect mix of driving, hiking, learning, shopping and eating!

Stop 1: Mesa Road overlook

10-20 minutes

Set the stage for this wonderful tour with an awe-inspiring and often overlooked (pun-intended) vantage point. Mesa Road sits in an elevated position above the visitor center and offers a sweeping view of the northern end of Garden of the Gods, Kissing Camels, the Rampart Range, and Pikes Peak.

Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods as viewed from Mesa Road
Stop at the Mesa Road overlook and you might encounter a view like this. Photo by Brian Erickson

Getting to the Mesa Rd. Garden of the Gods overlook

The easiest way to find the small overlook parking lot is to head north of the visitor’s center on 30th street.  Soon after, will be a right-hand hairpin turn onto Mesa Rd. — take it.  The overlook parking lot is up the road on the right.

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Stop 2: Garden of the Gods visitor and nature center

30-60 minutes

Head down from Mesa Road to newly renovated Garden of the Gods visitor and nature center. Inside the center, you will find beautiful exhibits (the wildlife display is a personal favorite), gifts, food, Geo-Trekker theater, an observation deck, and clean bathrooms.

Besides presenting a fantastic photo opportunity, the observation deck offers a wonderful photo opportunity and even the ability, sometimes, to view Bighorn sheep.

The visitor center is a great place to get any questions answered by knowledgable staff/volunteers.

Garden of the Gods Visitor's Center
The Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature center

Getting to the Garden of the Gods visitor and nature center

The visitor center is easily found on the east side of north 30th street.

1805 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
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Stop 3: Kissing Camels walking tour

30-90 minutes

It’s time to get some exercise and go on a walking tour of the central Garden on the Perkins Central Garden Trail.  This part of the tour is an absolute must. There are so many marquee features along the walk, and the way is paved (smooth-walking, wheelchair accessible).

Garden of the Gods paved trail
A section of the paved central Garden area.

See the famous Kissing Camels formation along this route, and encounter plenty of opportunities for memorable photos.

Getting to the main North parking lot and the Perkins Central Garden Trail

Cross 30th Street from the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center onto Gateway Rd. and head west into the park. Gateway Rd. will t-bone Juniper Way Loop, go right on the one way road.  After rounding the bend, the parking area will be the first big pull-off on the left.

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Stop 4: Pull-off

5-15 minutes

After enjoying a stroll through the fantastic formations near Kissing Camels, catch your breath with a brief drive up the hill and around the corner on Juniper Way Loop. The road leaving the central Garden parking lot is one way so you can’t miss this pull-off. When you see a small pull-off overlooking a view straight from the world of Dr. Seuss, you’ve arrived!

Stop 5: Siamese Twins

45-75 minutes

Siamese Twins at Garden of the Gods Colorado
The Siamese Twins sit in front of Pikes Peak.

The Siamese Twins formation is located near the southwestern part of Garden of the Gods and frames an incredible view of Pikes Peak.  The two spires leave a perfect window through which to capture fun photos of the peak, pets and people.

The formation can be accessed from a couple different directions. For the tour, we recommend parking at the Spring Canyon parking area, and hiking the Palmer Trail — up to the formation.

This route does involve some climbing and uneven terrain, so it should only be attempted by those in decent shape.  Expect a roundtrip of about 1/2 mile.

Getting to the Siamese Twins Spring Canyon parking area

As you head W/SW along Garden Drive, look for a parking area on the right, not long after the “Y” in the road and at the bottom of a hill.

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Stop 6: Balanced Rock

15-30 minutes

Balanced Rock Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs
Balanced Rock at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs frames a view of Cameron’s Cone in the distance.

Near the southern end of Garden Drive is the always popular Balanced Rock. A massive red rock perches at a precarious angle over the road and gives plenty of angles for creative photography.

Getting to Balanced Rock

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Stop 7: Garden of the Gods Trading post

30-60 minutes

Garden of the Gods Trading Post
Garden of the Gods Trading Post

Besides countless natural wonders, the park has another wonder: the Garden of the Gods Trading Post. A perfect way to finish a self-guided highlights tour, the trading post boasts a wide range of gifts, art, books, food, clothing, and even panning for gold.

Trading posts in the West are often full of junk souvenirs. While the Garden of the Gods Trading Post does have its share of trinkets and novelties, it also has many wonderful and unique offerings. Original art and jewelry are always on offer, and for a wide range of budgets.

Garden of the Gods Trading Post Shopping

This is a wonderful place to find a gift, but it’s also a fun place to grab a snack or bite to eat.  Grabbing a ice cream and relaxing in the courtyard, while the kids pan for gold is always a hit.

Getting to the Garden of the Gods Trading Post

From Balanced Rock, head north on Garden Dr. — back the way you came from and then take the first right on to Garden Ln., the trading post will be on your right.

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What next?

There’s more to do at Garden of the Gods, but after this self-guided highlights tour you may want to look into some lunch or lodging.