Reach Colorado Springs Visitors and Locals

Garden of the Gods welcomes roughly 2 million visitors a year. In addition to touring the park, these travelers will make decisions about where to stay, things to do, what to eat, and where to shop during their time in the area.

Garden of the Gods Colorado wants to show off the best of Colorado Springs! You’ve got the tourism product, attraction, business, or service. You need to get it in front of tourists and locals. Marketing Colorado Springs businesses makes perfect sense via the mother of all tourist magnets: The Garden of the Gods.

We are expert web designers, content marketers and search engine optimizers. Our goal isn’t simply to promote the Garden of the Gods. The park is a gateway to all things Colorado Springs. Think about us this way:

Garden of the Gods Colorado business model

Our goal is to provide tourists with great Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs information and offers, to act as a connection between your business, tourists, and locals.

If you’d like to reach our growing website and email audience then, let’s connect!

Guest posting

We love guest posting. It’s a win-win for the author and for us!

  • Gain quality backlinks from an authoritative site
  • Gain exposure to a new audience
  • Build new business relationships
  • More content adds value to readers
  • We are more than open to receiving and writing guest posts (let’s cross-promote!).

Reach out with some details about your interest, web presence, and ideas.


We are willing to review your product, attraction, or service. Fair warning: our write-up will be honest to our experience.

Ad slots

Adblockers exist for a reason: many sites have gone overboard. Nobody likes battling endless pop-ups, moving parts and cluttered interfaces to read a simple article.

Garden of the Gods Colorado is willing to consider ad slots on our site if a good case can be made based on relevance, quality and flow (does the ad fit the spot/content).

Product placement

Want your product to be featured on our site or in one of our photos? We take lots of high-quality photos in and around Garden of the Gods. We use these photos on our site, emails and occasionally on our social profile.


Our site will always have at least one giveaway for visitors (photos, map, guide, etc.).  When visitors get our giveaway via email we are willing to include some sponsored local business ads (ie: “While you are in Colorado Springs, be sure to check out the following…”).

Lead Generation (Referrals)

Does your business need traffic driven to a landing page (ie: email capture, ticket sales, etc.)? We are open to referral agreements.

Sponsored posts

If the content serves our audience well, we’ll entertain pitches for sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are different from guest posts because they are more commercial in nature. Determining whether a post should be classified as sponsored or “guest” is up to the discretion of Garden of the Gods Colorado.


We may occasionally use affiliate marketing links and receive a commission based upon sales made from them.