Kissing Camels

The Kissing Camels are one of the most famous rock formations in Garden of the Gods. Learn why!

The Kissing Camels is an iconic rock formation that’s a must-see during your Garden of the Gods visit in Colorado Springs.

As the name implies, this naturally made rock formation really does resemble two camels kissing. An opening in the ridge line of this marvelous red rock structure creates creating two clearly visible “camel heads” that are kissing. Unlike some oddly named rock structures, the Kissing Camels are super easy to spot—even the kids will be able to find them.

For years (literally, for as long as we have historical evidence), the camels have been clearly visible. Some say it’s the longest kiss on record!

Kissing Camels Colorado Springs
Can you spot the Kissing Camels rock formation?

Where are the Kissing Camels?

The Kissing Camels are part of the huge red rock formation in the Perkins Central Garden, on the north end of the Garden of the Gods park near the main parking lot. While you drive north on Juniper Way Loop, look to the left to see them. Then be sure to also walk the Perkins Central Garden Trail to take some photos featuring you and the camels.

Seeing the Kissing Camels at night

If you’re visit after dark, you’ll see the Kissing Camels lit up by a spotlight. This light was installed years ago by the owners of the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center so that all the visitors might be able to see this iconic feature at night.

If it’s a full moon, it’s also a great time to visit the Kissing Camels. A few times during the year, the full moon is perfectly aligned just above and behind the camels, creating a picturesque scene.

What’s the Kissing Camels Golf Course?

Perhaps during your online searches about the Kissing Camels, you’ve stumbled across the Kissing Camels Golf Course, and you’re wondering if the golf course is the same as the iconic rock formation—or if they’re in the same place. Well, the Kissing Camels Golf Course is actually on the other side of Mesa Road and is not in the Garden of the Gods park. So if you’re not a golfer, rest assured—you can still enjoy the camels.

If you do enjoy golfing, take the opportunity to visit the 27-hole Kissing Camels Golf Course. You’ll have a beautiful view of Garden of the Gods while you golf. To golf here, you do have to be a member of the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, a guest of a member, or a guest staying overnight at their resort.

Planning your visit:

Garden of the Gods and the Kissing Camels are free to visit!

From the main North parking lot, you’ll be able to see the Kissing Camels. This parking lot is also right next to the Perkins Central Garden Trail that will take you right by the camels. This trail is paved and easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.

To reach this lot: cross 30th Street from the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center onto Gateway Road and head west into the park. When Gateway Road t-bones Juniper Way Loop, go right on the one-way road. After rounding the bend, the parking area will be the first big pull-off on the left.

Google map:

A few reminders for your visit:

  • Hours: the Garden of the Gods park is open daily from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Stay on the trails! Check out some classic Garden of the Gods hikes »
  • Take only pictures (don’t remove or damage any natural features), so future visitors for generations can also enjoy it. Tag your photos on Instagram with #gogcolorado and we might just feature you!
  • You can bring your dog, but be sure to keep it on a lease and clean up after it.
  • Climbing isn’t allowed unless you’ve obtained a rock-climbing permit and have safety gear. Check out our Garden of the Gods rock climbing intro »
  • Videoing the park is awesome, but you can’t use a drone in the park, unless you’ve got a proper permit and insurance.
Kissing Camels Sunset
A sunset over the Kissing Camels and Pikes Peak is sublime.

The best time for photographing the Kissing Camels

Personally, my favorite time to visit the camels is during golden hour—that perfect thirty minutes or so when the sun is just about to set and it’s casting rays of light across the rocks for the best photos. But if you can’t make it around golden hour, don’t fear—the camels are photographic all day long.

Join the generations who’ve already viewed the Kissing Camels

So are you ready to go view the Kissing Camels? When you stand before the camels, think about the generations of people before you who have also stood in awe of this majestic structure. Long ago, Native Americans camped in the park. It’s thought that they would camp and take shelter under the overhangs created by the rock formations. When settlers came to Colorado Springs in the 1800s, they undoubtedly also viewed this structure in awe. Since that time, Garden of the Gods and the Kissing Camels have become a top tourist attraction, inspiring settings for fiction stories as well as being an image showcased on many tourist souvenirs.

So join all the generations that have come before, and visit the camels today! Share your photos and videos with us on social media.