Garden of the Gods Dog Policy

A quick summary of the Garden of the Gods dog policy, from a dog owner!

Are you one of those people who take your dog everywhere? Do you plan your outings based on whether or not Fido can come along? Then I have good news for you: Garden of the Gods is open to dogs and humans alike!

The Basics

Dogs are allowed on any of the trails in the park as long as they’re on a 6-foot leash. There is an abundance of wildlife such as deer and bighorn sheep, not to mention horseback riding tours, so it’s very important to keep your dog under control at all times. As with any park, owners are required to clean up after their dog.

Garden of the Gods Off Leash Area

If your dog is like mine and always has more energy to burn after a hike, there is also a great off-leash area in the southeast corner of Garden of the Gods. Dogs are allowed off-leash in the open field immediately south of the main park entrance, in between 30th St. and the road to Rock Ledge Ranch. The area is not fenced in, however, so if your dog has a tendency to run away, this might not be the best place to take him.