The Broadmoor Resort

A family-friendly luxurious resort at the foot of Pikes Peak featuring elegant accommodations, multiple restaurants, golf courses, a spa, and a variety of outdoor activities, the Broadmoor is a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers.

Nestled beneath the majestic Rocky Mountains in the Pike’s Peak region of Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor Resort is a Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond resort that offers exceptional service, amenities, and adventures since its opening in 1918. This iconic destination features a century-old legacy, opulent amenities, and an array of activities with a breathtaking natural backdrop that can turn any vacation into a real-life fairy tale. 

Aside from the 784 guest rooms and suites in the main resort, the entire property encompasses 5,000 acres of natural beauty and boasts premier golf courses, tennis courts, an award-winning spa, endless retail, and many diverse dining experiences, making it an unmatched destination for your next event or vacation. 


Inspired by European elegance, the history of The Broadmoor is grounded in the visionary entrepreneurship of Spencer Penrose, a man with a keen eye for luxury and the determination to transform a rugged landscape into a world-class destination. In 1916, Spencer Penrose and his wife, Julie, embarked on a journey to create an oasis in the heart of Colorado. They purchased a modest piece of land and transformed it into a grand retreat that would rival the finest establishments in Europe. 

Penrose imported skilled European craftsmen to create the resort’s sophisticated architecture, blending Italian Renaissance and Old World charm seamlessly. The classic pink stucco façade, red-tiled roofs, and lush gardens soon emerged as the epitome of elegance in the American West. Penrose spared no expense, importing chandeliers that once graced European castles and furnishing the interior with timeless pieces. The Broadmoor officially opened its doors in 1918, rapidly earning a reputation as a playground for the rich and famous. Today, it continues to stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its founder, offering guests a glimpse into the historic era of luxury travel while remaining a peaceful sanctuary. 


With over 780 rooms and suites, The Broadmoor Resort offers a range of accommodations to suit every guest’s needs. Whether you opt for a cozy room or a lavish suite, expect to be enveloped in first-class service and luxury. Many rooms offer breathtaking views of Cheyenne Mountain, while others provide the tranquility of lakeside living. All rooms are carefully decorated with sumptuous fabrics, elegant furnishings, and modern conveniences. 

But that’s not all. 

The Broadmoor also offers unique residential living experiences with private cottages, the Estate House, and Brownstones. 

The Broadmoor cottages feature the largest guestrooms in the resort with 450-square-foot bedrooms and 150-square-foot bathrooms, an exquisite fireplace in each cottage, large outdoor patios, and stunning mountain views. 

The Estate House was originally designed by renowned architect Thomas MacLaren in the late 1920s and expanded in the 1930s with five bedrooms, expansive areas for entertaining such as a grand parlor, a luxurious dining room, and gourmet kitchen, a library and study, and many more, making it the perfect option for intimate weddings, family reunions, and other hosted events. 

The Broadmoor’s Brownstones offer a modern vacation home for families that go beyond Colorado’s typical accommodations. These homes feature vast living spaces, formal dining rooms, upscale kitchens, extensive areas for entertainment and relaxation, and lavish amenities like a fireplace, private terrace, walk-in closets, balconies with mountain views, lounges, and more. 



One of the highlights of a stay at the Broadmoor is the exquisite dining experience. With over a dozen dining options, including the Michelin-starred Penrose Room and the classic Italian restaurant Ristorante Del Lago, your palate will be treated to culinary delights from around the world. Savor expertly crafted dishes while enjoying panoramic views of the resort’s meticulously landscaped grounds.


The resort boasts a curated selection of boutique shops that include high-end fashion, exquisite jewelry, and unique souvenirs from a blend of local Colorado artisans and internationally renowned brands. The best part of shopping at The Broadmoor is the chance to discover one-of-a-kind items that capture the essence of Colorado Springs. Guests can browse through a collection of handcrafted jewelry, artwork, and clothing inspired by the region’s natural beauty or upscale boutiques offering designer clothing, accessories, and cosmetics.

Championship Golf

Designed by legendary architects, The Broadmoor’s three championship golf courses rank among the best in the world with visitors like presidents, politicians, celebrities, and notable athletes. Two of these golf courses have hosted national tournaments, including the U.S. Women’s Open and PGA Cup Matches.

Spa and Wellness

Internationally known as a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Spa, The Broadmoor Spa features a comprehensive list of services, including massages, facials, and body treatments. Visitors can indulge in rejuvenating treatments and therapies. The fitness center and yoga studio are also available for those seeking to maintain their wellness routines while on vacation. Spread across 43,000 square feet of pure bliss, this spa offers a diverse range of services and amenities designed to pamper and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. 


With multiple pools like a world-class outdoor infinity pool, spa pool, lap pool, and whirlpools, guests can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains and meticulously landscaped gardens based on their relaxation preferences.  Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat, romantic getaway, or a family-friendly aquatic adventure, the Broadmoor’s pools have something for everyone.

Tennis & Pickleball Courts

The Broadmoor’s tennis and pickleball facilities are more than just courts; they are a vibrant hub for sports, hosting regular events, clinics, and tournaments throughout the year. Guests have the opportunity to partake in friendly competitions, take private lessons, or join group clinics to hone their skills. Ranked as one of the top 25 tennis resorts in the country for the past 20 years, the tennis and pickleball club is a premier destination for players of all skill levels. 


The state-of-the-art fitness facilities at The Broadmoor feature a wide range of equipment with personal trainers who are available for guests seeking professional guidance with customized fitness plans. Additionally, the resort offers a variety of fitness classes including strength training, cardio, yoga, and pilates in spacious studios and mesmerizing views of the outdoors. 

Activities and Adventures 

At The Broadmoor Resort, there are no limits to the activities and outdoor adventures that guests can participate in such as hiking, fishing, rock climbing, biking, archery, falconry, and many more. From guided hikes through the pristine wilderness to serene paddle boat rides on Cheyenne Lake, the options are tailored to a diverse range of interests and fitness levels. The resort’s guided hikes provide an opportunity to explore the picturesque trails of the Rocky Mountains with experienced naturalists who share their knowledge of the local flora and fauna, ensuring a truly enriching experience. 

Beyond the resort, the surrounding area boasts numerous opportunities for adventure, with hiking and biking trails that wind through the Garden of the Gods, a national natural landmark famed for its towering red rock formations, and spectacular waterfalls at Seven Falls Park. Additionally, a visit to Pikes Peak, one of Colorado’s iconic “Fourteeners,” offers a chance to reach its summit either by car, Cog Railway or on foot, where panoramic views of the surrounding region capture the essence of Colorado Springs’ natural beauty. 

Wilderness Experiences 

The Broadmoor Resort’s Wilderness Experiences elevate the guest experience by offering exclusive escapes into Colorado’s pristine wilderness, each with its own unique charm and activities. 

Cloud Camp, perched atop Cheyenne Mountain, is a secluded retreat with 360-degree views of the picturesque backdrop that calls for guests seeking solitude and unparalleled vistas. Activities at Cloud Camp include guided hikes through alpine meadows, stargazing under the clear mountain skies, and educational programs that explore the area’s natural history. Guests can also savor gourmet meals while taking in panoramic views from the dining room’s expansive deck. With its rustic elegance and serene surroundings, Cloud Camp provides an extraordinary mountain getaway.

Nestled in the secluded North Cheyenne Canyon, The Ranch at Emerald Valley offers a taste of Colorado’s wild beauty with a luxurious twist. Guests can enjoy horseback riding, guided fly fishing excursions, and hiking on nearby trails. The ranch’s cozy cabins, adorned with elegant furnishings and modern amenities, provide a comfortable retreat after a day of outdoor adventure. 

Lastly, Fly Fishing Camp, located on the pristine Tarryall River, is a dream destination for anglers of all levels. Here, guests can hone their fly fishing skills under the guidance of expert instructors while surrounded by the tranquility of nature. The camp also offers opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and evening campfires under the stars. 

Whether you’re seeking a mountaintop retreat, a ranch-style adventure, or an immersive fly fishing experience, The Broadmoor’s Wilderness Experiences provide a variety of options for guests to connect with Colorado’s breathtaking wilderness.

Meetings and Events 

The Broadmoor has been bestowed the Forbes Five-Star award since 1960 with 315,000 square feet of inspiring event space and spectacular outdoor venues for various types of events. Beyond the luxurious meeting spaces and venues, The Broadmoor offers professional staff and event planners, culinary artists, audiovisual experts, and support staff ready to elevate any gathering to its greatest potential. 

Meeting Spaces 

With more than 315,000 square feet of functional event space for meetings of all sizes, The Broadmoor has been praised for its award-winning hospitality catering to business meetings, corporate retreats, and large-scale conferences at the Convention Center. The resort offers full-service support for corporate events, including planning, catering, and technical assistance by meeting specialists who will create a customized experience. 

Wedding & Celebration Venues 

The Broadmoor offers an exquisite array of indoor and outdoor wedding and celebration venues that are nothing short of enchanting and inspiring with breathtaking views of lush green gardens, the shimmering lake, and the majestic Rocky Mountains. The iconic Lakeside Terrace is a popular choice for those looking for a scenic, tranquil view of Cheyenne Lake while the Mountain View Terrace provides stunning views of the Cheyenne Canyon at a secluded location outside Broadmoor West. 

For indoor receptions, the resort offers the elegant Broadmoor Hall, an expansive and versatile space that can be customized to fit any celebration. The hall boasts soaring ceilings adorned with crystal chandeliers, creating a regal ambiance. Alternatively, the intimate Pauline Memorial Chapel, with its stunning stained glass windows and classic architecture, provides a warm and spiritual atmosphere for those seeking a more traditional wedding ceremony. 

The Broadmoor Resort’s wedding venues offer the perfect backdrop for anyone’s dream wedding, with a range of options to suit one’s style and preferences. From vintage charm to modern elegance, experienced event planners are available to assist in creating a fairy tale wedding that surpasses your expectations and leaves you with cherished memories for a lifetime. 

Special Events 

The Broadmoor Resort is renowned for hosting a plethora of special events throughout the year, adding an extra layer of excitement and charm to your stay. From festive holiday celebrations to cultural festivals and captivating performances, there’s always something extraordinary happening at the resort. The resort’s dedication to creating memorable experiences for guests is evident in its calendar of special events that cater to a variety of interests. 

Seasonal events include a Christmas holiday festival with spectacular decorations, special meals, and exciting activities like tree lighting and caroling. The Broadmoor Holiday Show and a food and wine festival are among some of the most attended events of the year. For New Year’s, the resort hosts a grand celebration complete with a gala dinner, live music, and fireworks. Additionally, summer events are highly regarded as the place to be with pool parties, outdoor concerts, and al fresco dining, making the most of Colorado’s sunny weather. The resort also hosts regularly scheduled events throughout the year that add to the extensive list of activities that guests can participate in. 

Planning Your Visit 

Best Times to Visit 

When planning your visit to The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. First and foremost, it’s important to note that the resort’s charm and activities are year-round, but the best times to visit largely depend on your preferences. 

Spring and summer (April to September) offer mild weather, perfect for outdoor adventures and enjoying the lush gardens. Fall (September to November) showcases the changing foliage and provides a picturesque backdrop for hiking and sightseeing. Winter (December to March) brings a magical atmosphere with opportunities for ice skating and cozying up by the fireplaces. Be sure to check the event calendar as well to coincide your visit with special festivals, culinary events, or cultural performances that align with your interests.


Reservations can be made directly through The Broadmoor’s website, which offers a comprehensive overview of available rooms, packages, and rates. The booking process involves selecting your desired dates, room type, and any additional packages or amenities. Reservations can also be made through the phone as The Broadmoor’s reservation line operates during standard business hours, and their team can assist with booking and answer any questions. 

Special Packages 

The Broadmoor offers a variety of packages that may include accommodations, dining, and activities tailored to different interests, from golf to wellness to family adventure. For example, the resort may offer golf packages that include rounds on their championship courses or spa packages that provide indulgent treatments at discounted rates. Staying up-to-date with these offerings can not only add value to your visit but also help you tailor your experience to your specific desires. To make the most of your stay, consider reaching out to the resort’s concierge or booking directly through their website, where you can explore the latest packages and customize your visit accordingly.